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                  • Communication Equipment

                    Wide core electrons (Broadchip) has applied for patents for the new application mode

                    BROADCHIP introduced the industry's first Current Source & Current Sink --- BCT3220 / 3221, can support both parallel drive common anode and common cathode backlit LED.

                    Wide core electrons (Broadchip) has applied for patents for the new application mode.

                  • Consumer Electronics

                    广↑芯电子推出 BCT1812 : 5V 1A 同步整流 BUCK DCDC

                    BCT1812 提供一种 5V 电压环境下输出负载在∞ 500mA—1.2A 的供电 IC。该 IC具有同 步整流的特性,可以省略一颗续流的二极管。

                  • Home Appliances

                    BCT5512 ----Single chip solution of toaster

                    BCT5512 is a single chip controller of toaster, which is introduced by our company in the market of small household appliances. It has the characteristics of simple use and small package.

                  • Security

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                About Guangxin

                广芯电子技术(上海)股份有限公司是由◆美国硅谷的华人创业¤团队于 2007 年底在 上海创立的集成电路芯片设※计公司。广芯电子专注于高性能的模拟和混合信号集成电路芯片产品▼的设计、研发和销售, 其○产品广泛应用于手机、平板、可↓穿戴设备、 安防、网通、智能家居、家电等通用的消费类电子〗产品以及通信、仪器仪表、工业控制等领域。